Europe Code Week 2015

It is celebrated 10-18  October 2015.
Bringing ideas to life.

The aims of Europe Code Week :
-To bring coding and digital literacy to everybody in a fun and engaging way.
- To bring ideas to life with code
“Now we live in a different era where we mould our world in code.Different eras demand different skills.During Code Week we want to give everyone the opportunity to discover coding and have fun with it. Let’s learn coding to shape our future!"
Alessandro Bogliolo, Code Week Ambassadors coordinator.

Europe Code Week is organised :
-A grass-root movement run by volunteers(The Code Week Ambassadors)

In Europe Code Week participates:
-It’s for everyone by everyone :
Children,pupils,students,young,adults,adults, seniors,parents,teachers,entrepreneurs and policymakers can participate and organise events

Europe Code Week supporters:
-EU Code Week was launched in 2013 by the
Young Advisors for the Digital Agenda
-The European Commission supports EU Code
Week as part of its strategy for Digital Single
-EU Code Week is backed by coding movements such as CoderDojo and RailsGirls.
-Many partners of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs organise events during EU Code Week.

Europe Code Week in 2014 and 2015:
In 2014:
150,000 people participated in 4,200 coding events in 36 countries in Europe and beyond
In 2015 we want to:
Bring together hundreds of thousands of children, young adults, adults, parents,teachers, entrepreneurs and policymakers in events and classrooms to learn to create with code.
Europe Code Week campaigns:
Thunderclap campaign:
-Sign in with your accounts to be the first
to announce Europe Code Week.
CodeWeek4all challenge:
-Challenge your school to involve more
than 50% of its students in CodeWeek events.
Ode-to-code video contest:
-Dance the ode to code and share your
Europe Code Week certificates:
Certificate of recognition:
-Certificates of recognition will be
awarded to all event organizers who
map and report their Code Week events.
Excellence in coding literacy:
-Certificates of excellence in coding
literacy will be awarded to all the
schools taking part in the CodeWeek4all
challenge and involving more than 50%
of their students.

Code Week Blog: http://codeweek.eu/

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